About our school

Our school roll has fluctuated over the last few years, and we now have five classes. In 1997 and 1998, two new classrooms were added onto our school, which are very bright and attractive. As well as our classrooms, we have a resource room which also houses the library and multi-media Internet computers. We have various smaller rooms throughout the school, and a multi-purpose hall where school lunches are served. This room is also used for P.E., Drama and Music. The children and staff are encouraged to take a pride in their surroundings through, for example, attractive wall displays and safe and sensible behaviour implemented through a strong Discipline Policy. Outside we are fortunate to have a play area bordered by mature trees, an adventure playground, a sizeable football pitch and a tarred area for play. We were very fortunate over the last few years to receive a lottery grant which enabled us to have a climbing frame for the younger children and a trim trail for the older pupils In August 2000, a purpose built Nursery was erected within the school grounds.

This school is part of Aberdeenshire council