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Our Aims

Through a Curriculum for Excellence, Port Elphinstone School, in partnership with parents, carers and the wider community, strives to ensure that all children develop the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to succeed. This will be achieved through the following aims.

• We aim to provide a safe environment where children feel at ease and relaxed, allowing them to achieve in a happy, secure setting.

• We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle, providing regular physical exercise, education in mental, emotional and social issues and ensure access to suitable healthcare where necessary.

• We aim to encourage children to be active, offering them opportunities to take part in activities such as play, recreation and sport, which contribute to healthy growth and development.

• We aim to ensure children are nurtured in their school setting, providing additional help if necessary from appropriate services.

• We aim to support our pupils in achieving their potential, by guiding them in their learning and in the development of their skills, confidence and self-esteem at home, at school and in the community, to equip them for life-long learning.

• We aim to provide an environment where children and carers are respected, giving them the opportunity to be heard and involved in decisions which affect them.

• We aim to make the children responsible citizens, by encouraging them to play an active and responsible role in school, at home and in the community.

• We aim to help children overcome social, educational, physical and economic inequalities to become included and accepted as part of the community in which they live and learn.

These aims were drawn up by staff and then comments invited from parents/carers and pupils in December 2010.